When planning a trip, be it business or pleasure,  you don’t expect for your plans to be disrupted due to an accident or illness. It’s important to plan ahead and assess how you can protect the investment in your trip and your health, especially if you are traveling overseas.

At Allen Insurance and Financial, we offer several coverage options to protect your non-refundable deposit on a trip, as well as coverage for medical expenses incurred overseas, which are not typically covered by traditional health insurance.

Coverage can be purchased with a focus on:

  • Trip insurance covers the non-refundable cost of your trip.
  • Travel medical insurance covers the medical expenses you may incur when travelling outside the U.S., especially in an emergency scenario.

Some plans have both travel medical and trip insurance packaged together, but typically they are more focused on one area or the other.

Why Buy Trip Insurance?
  • Protect Your Investment. Should you develop a sudden illness, preventing you from travelling, this plan will help protect you from losing the money you’ve financed for your trip.
  • Protect Your Belongings. If your wardrobe is lost, stolen, or damaged, this coverage helps replace what’s been lost by reimbursing you if your bags are delayed more than 24 hours.
Why Buy Travel Medical Insurance?
  • Protect Your Health. If you become sick while traveling, your health plan may not cover you outside of your service area. These plans help you get the care you need and include medical evacuation, should you require care elsewhere.

Who We Work With
HTH is based in Radnor, Pa. and was founded in 1997. They serve more than 1 million travelers and expats each year. Their products are sold through licensed insurance brokers, like Allen Insurance and Financial. HTH’s plans are A-rated and underwritten by licensed insurers in the U.S.  

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