The experience and knowledge to provide investment management, fiduciary support, endowment building, planned giving and gift design solutions.

Combined with true partnership to support your organization’s needs through unparalleled service.


Our investment philosophy is rooted in the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory, reducing portfolio risk through asset class diversification. We construct and manage a low-cost portfolio by:

    • Determining the appropriate asset allocation and target ranges based on spending policy, risk tolerance and time horizon.
    • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) review, revision or creation with investment committee.
    • Utilizing index funds and ETFs with very low investment expenses.
    • Ongoing portfolio monitoring coupled with quarterly rebalancing to targets.
    • Processing securities gifts for a small transaction fee and no commission.
    • Meeting at least annually with the Board of Directors and/or Investment Committee.

Organizations have the opportunity to increase their capacity to engage donors in the process of gift planning to support their critical missions for the long term, building the organization’s financial sustainability.

We work with staff and board members engaged in endowment building efforts through planned giving education and training, and work with individual donors and families. Our expertise includes:

    • Developing policies and procedures for solicitation and acceptance of gifts.
    • Stewardship and cultivation of donors including the design of legacy societies and gifting strategies.
    • Facilitating the creation of sound investment management and spending policies to demonstrate to prospects and donors appropriate asset stewardship.

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