What Kinds of Insurance Does Your Land Trust Need?

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Types of Coverage – What Do You Need to Know? 
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Should the unfortunate event of an accident occur, you don’t want to pay out of pocket. General liability covers the costs of bodily injury and property damage caused by accidents that you’re held responsible for. For example, if someone is injuring while hiking at one of your preserves and they sue you, this is the policy you need to cover your costs.

It is considered prudent to have both general liability and directors and officers Liability (D&O) coverage. General liability covers you when bad things happen by accident and D&O covers you when individuals make bad decisions, or claim to. Many D&O claims involve employment practices like wrongful termination, discriminatory hiring, or sexual harassment. They also cover liability for wrongful management decisions. D&O insurance protects both the land trust and the individual board or staff members who direct it.

Insurance for buildings and other improvements, vehicles, farm equipment, office equipment, and other valuable property.

Volunteer Accident Coverage
If a person is injured while volunteering for your land trust, this policy helps to reimburse his or her medical expenses.

Non-owned Automobile Liability
If someone driving his or her own vehicle on behalf of your land trust gets into an accident, this policy covers the costs of the accident, but only after the vehicle owner’s insurance runs out.

Workers Compensation
If those working for your land trust get hurt while on the property, workers comp covers their medical claims and lost income.