As a coastal Maine agency, we understand the special relationships among people and companies working in the unique environment of the ocean. We take pride in having earned the trust that these clients demand of their business partners.

The Allen marine insurance team draws on many decades of experience to develop innovative insurance solutions customized to a client’s unique situation. Our clients trust us to apply risk management principles, to protect their assets, to advise them in their safety and loss-control efforts and to assist them in managing claims and losses when they occur.

Allen Insurance and Financial’s relationships with marine insurance underwriters, domestically and internationally, are critical to developing and implementing a comprehensive risk management and insurance program.

The specialists in our Marine Division will tailor an insurance program to meet your needs;  one as unique as the risks it covers.

Tugboat with cargo ship, marine insurance, Allen Insurance and Financial

Once the last dock line is cast off the exposure and insurance needs change dramatically. Our experienced team can assist in addressing those needs to include the following types of operations:

  • Commercial vessel operation (brownwater, bluewater)
  • Crew boats
  • Pilot boats & tug and barge operations
  • Cargo vessels
  • Fishing vessels
  • Ferries
  • Tall ships
  • Charter operations
  • Research vessels
  • Power and sail yacht
Illustrating shoreside marine operations, marine insurance, Allen Insurance and Financial

Land-based marine operations are common and include a host of industries that support traditional wet marine exposures and worldwide cargo operations, including:

  • Shipyards
  • Marine contractors
  • Stevedoring operations
  • Port and terminal facilities
  • Fueling facilities
  • Bulk storage and warehousing
  • Boat yards (service, storage, mooring, fueling & new construction)
  • Marine artisans
  • Marinas and yacht clubs