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March 2023
Topics: When to call your insurance agent; the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency means changes in health insurance coverage and free smoke detectors from the Red Cross.

September 2022
Topics: New building, home addition or improvement? Call before the work begins! Also: Insurance for home-based businesses and the ease and value of setting up an auto-pay for your insurance premium.

May 2022 
Topics: Telematics, Boats, Motorcycles, RVs & eBikes,  when to call your insurance agent + rental car reimbursement today

February 2022
Topics: Service Line and Home Systems Protection, Bundling Home & Auto Insurance and Coverage for  Solar Panels.

December 2021
Topics: Insurance for consultants, coverage for items in storage, flood insurance

September 2021 
Topics: Home renovations, condo insurance, auto insurance discounts

June 2021
Topics: Water damage coverage, the value of a home inventory to protect your belongings

April 2021
Topic: Website quick links for claims and bill pay

February 2021
Topics: Rental Property Insurance, Vehicle Safety and Emergency Kits, Insurance for Your Valuables, Individual Health Insurance – the Marketplace is open until May 15.

December 2020
Topics: Winter Safety and Readiness: Snow Removal Equipment and Fireplace Ash Disposal.

October 2020 
Topics: A Pre-Winter Checklist, Plowing Snow With Your Personal Vehicle, Staying Cautious About Water Damage, Naming Beneficiaries

July 2020
Topic: Personal Insurance Limits

May 2020 
Topics: Phishing and Cyber Security, Home & Auto Insurance.

 November 2019
Topics: A Pre-Winter Checklist, Wind and Your Insurance Coverage, Good Practices When Shopping for Insurance.