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Peter Van Alstine and Scott Fletcher of Allen Financial Group were recently named Paul Harris Fellows through their membership in the Camden Rotary Club.
Scott FletcherThe Paul Harris Fellow recognition was created in memory of Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary. It is the practice of many clubs to award Paul Harris Fellowship to select members in appreciation of his or her service to the club.
“Service to our local community — and through Rotary, to the world community — is important to us,” said Gil Fifield, president of Allen Insurance and Financial and a long-time member of the Rockland Rotary. “We congratulate Peter and Scott and their families on this important honor.”
Van Alstine, right, and Fletcher, left,Peter Van Alstine join a number of their Allen Insurance and Financial colleagues as Paul Harris Fellows. Allen, the employee-owned insurance and financial services company based in Camden, maintains a strong relationship with Knox County Rotary Clubs and can claim members in each of the area clubs: Camden, Rockland and West Bay. Twenty percent of the Allen Agency’s 60 employees are Rotarians; members attend Rotary functions on company time.
Both Peter and Scott are financial advisors with Allen Financial Group. Scott is a Certified Financial Planner. Peter is a Certified Public Accountant.
Rotary International is an organization is 32,000 service clubs and 1.2 million members worldwide, bringing together business and professional leaders to provide humanitarian service and to build goodwill and peace in the world. Members meet weekly for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Meetings are social events as well as opportunities to organize work for their service goals.
Rotary was founded in Chicago in 1905 and is headquartered today in Evanston, Ill. Rotary’s flagship program is the eradication of polio. Other programs focus on issues of hunger, poverty, and illiteracy.

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