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Can You Insure Your Work Boat With a Yacht Policy?

In this month’s edition of WorkBoat magazine, Gene McKeever answers the question:  Can You Insure Your Work Boat With a Yacht Policy?
The insurance industry uses the law of large numbers to make money by insuring as many of what the numbers tell them to insure. How do you get a large number of boat owners to buy your insurance?
You make the policy as generic as possible and throw in some goodies like personal effects coverage, pollution liability, uninsured boater coverage and towing assistance.
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An Insurance Agent Can Be Your Advocate

In his latest column in WorkBoat Magazine, Allen Insurance and Financial’s Gene McKeever says your insurance agent can’t legally represent you but can serve as your claims advocate and explain coverage correctly to the insurance company’s claims representative. In this case it was important to help the claims person understand what the claim surveyor saw.
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Talking Marine Insurance and Safety With the Nation's Work Boat Owners

alleninsurance_genemckeever_web2Gene McKeever, a marine insurance specialist from Allen Insurance and Financial recently attended the annual International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans, where he gave a workshop to conference participants on disaster planning and risk management.
Conference presenters are screened by the conference organizers well in advance of the event. McKeever’s session was held on the conference’s keynote stage following a conference keynote speech by Capt. Richard Phillips.  McKeever has been writing a column for WorkBoat magazine since 2008.
McKeever was joined at the conference by Allen Insurance and Financial colleagues Chris Richmond, marine insurance specialist, and Dan Bookham, the agency’s business development director. They connected at the show with a number Maine-based companies also in attendance as well as national clients and insurance company representatives.

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WorkBoat Column: Where is That Eye Wash?

This month in WorkBoat magazine, Gene McKeever talks about the little things that make a workplace safer. This includes eye wash stations, which are inexpensive and relatively easy to install.
If you work in a place where there is hot work going on, plus painting, sanding, scraping, and grinding, you just might get something in your eyes every once in a while.
Read the entire column at WorkBoat.com.
Gene is presenting at the annual International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans in December.

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WorkBoat Column: Your Insurance To-Do List

This month, Gene McKeever offers a glimpse into some typical conversations with boat or marina operators.
Among them:

• When you talk with your crew or employees about safety it’s not a money thing. It’s a safety thing. Stress that you want them to stay healthy and injury free.

• Each time there is a problem that creates a dangerous situation investigate it as fact finding, not fault finding. The investigation will garner much more usable information to help prevent something from happening again.

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