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Business Owners: 5 Reasons to Call Your Insurance Agent

Patrick Chamberlin, CIC

By Patrick Chamberlin

When the best or worst happens, we know your insurance agent is not one of the first people you think of first. Even so, whatever change you are facing, chances are it affects or involves your insurance – so when change happens, give your agent  a call. We’re here to help.

  1. When you have a claim. Please, let your agent know ASAP.
  2. You’re contemplating operational changes. Changes in your business offerings may come with a cost (or savings) and  may also open you up to other exposures which you are inadequately covered for.
  3. Signing a contract? Call before, not after. It is important that your agent is not left out of the conversation. Aside from your attorney, we should be reviewing the insurance language in any and all contracts you sign.
  4. If you are frustrated by your insurance costs, give your agent a call. Independent agents work with a range of insurance carriers. If you have pricing concerns, give us a call and let us know how you feel!
  5. We are your advocate. Your insurance agent is your voice to your insurance company. Let us get to know you. Calling just to chat is A-OK.