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A cubic foot of dry snow weighs about 6 to 8 pounds, while one cubic foot of packed snow could weigh up to 20 pounds. The same volume of ice can weigh three times this amount.
Calculating the snow load on your roof requires some complex calculations and an understanding of geometry.
Our message is very simple: If you can, you should clean your roof. This applies to homes, especially where you see icicles and businesses, whether your roofs are large or small, pitched or flat.  If you feel like you can’t clear your roof of snow safely, there are contractors or roofing companies who can do it for you. Now is a good time, especially while we have a break in significant snowfall amounts.
Snow is heavy on your roof. It can be heavier on your wallet. The weight of the snow can be significant and if not cleared off, can lead to collapse and potential water back-up damage.
Here is one example of a snow load calculator. You can find plenty of others on the Internet.
Here is a link to a 30-second video about clearing snow from the roof of your home.

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