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By Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, JD, CTFA

Sarah Ruef-Lindquist

Potential for higher federal income taxes is anticipated by experts due to 1) a growing national debt increased by trillion-dollar stimulus spending and 2) possible election results that mean a change in administrations and congressional profile. Increasing taxes levied on high-income earners is nothing new, and reasonably anticipated.

Income Taxes

Currently, the top federal rate is 37% (taxpayers with over half a million dollars a year) and could increase to 39.6%. It is also possible that those who do still itemize deductions will be limited to a cap of 28%.

Capital Gains

Long-term capital gains taxes are currently limited to 23.8% (combined highest rate of 20% plus 3.8% net investment income tax) for taxable incomes with over $441,450, but it is possible that rate could go to 39.6%, same as the top income tax rate.

These issues may impact the planning of high-income earners between the date of the election and year-end 2020. If you are at an income level that would be affected by these changes, good for you. Still consider talking with your financial and tax advisors soon about strategies that could be available to ameliorate the impact.

Tax on inheritances

For many years, when people have inherited long-term appreciated stock, they were able to avoid the capital gain that had accrued prior to inheriting it. The “step-up” in basis provisions made it possible for heirs to reap the benefit of the full value of appreciated securities because their tax basis would be the date of death value of the stock. If they sold it, their capital gain would be limited to any accrued since they inherited the stock. Often this results in significant tax savings.

However, it is possible that this “step-up” provision will be eliminated with new tax legislation. It is important, therefor, for those including such assets in their estate plans to consider what options they might have to preserve as much of the value of those assets for heirs as possible.