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Allen Insurance and Financial is holding a seminar at Tuesday, Nov. 2 in Rockland to discuss a new and progressive way for small- and medium-sized businesses to provide medical coverage to their employees.
A new medical benefits product, MAINE HEALTH SAVER, a joint effort among Patient Advocates, LLC, Medical Network, Inc (MedNet), and ASG Risk Management, all Maine-owned and operated companies, will be introduced.
Bagels and coffee will be served. James Ward, president of Patient Advocates, LLC, Robert Hillman, CEO of Maine Medical Network (MedNet), and Gardner Roberts, director of marketing for ASG Risk Management will be on hand to discuss this new product that:
• Offers employers the opportunity to get money back if claims are lower than expected.
• Levels the playing field to allow smaller employers many of the advantages enjoyed by larger companies.
• Uses state of the art plan design strategies to incent the use of lower cost, center of excellence facilities and incents employers to invest in a healthy workforce.
• Assists employees with medical and insurance questions through a Maine-based nursing hotline, arranges appointments and makes travel arrangements when complicated medical care is required.
• Provides chronic disease management by serving as an advocate for medical care and discusses medical findings and quality treatment options for your critically ill employees.
“We’re looking forward to talking with our Midcoast business neighbors about how they can take back some control over the high cost of providing medical care to their employees,” said Sherree Craig, Insured Benefits Manager at Allen Insurance and Financial.
The seminar begins at 8 a.m. at the Maine Lighthouse Museum on Park Drive in Rockland. Attendees are asked to call or email to reserve their seat at the table for this seminar. Sherree Craig can be reached at email hidden; JavaScript is required or 236-8376.

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