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In December 2022 Congress passed a law regarding the COVID-19 public health emergency that will cause the State of Maine to conduct a review of every member on MaineCare to determine their ongoing eligibility for coverage. The process will start in April 2023 and a full review must be completed by May of 2024. By the end of the process it is expected that 65,000 to 90,000 individuals will lose MaineCare.

If you are someone impacted by the loss of MaineCare, you will have a 90-day special enrollment period (SEP) before or after your MaineCare ends to purchase a health plan in the private market. If you need assistance with this process, we have specialists in our office who can assist you with this process. Call 236-4311 and ask for a member of our benefits team to help you with individual health insurance.

Here are some additional notes for those who want to read more:

What is the Medicaid Continuous Coverage requirement?

  1. Public health emergency declared in Jan 2020 because of COVID19
  2. Received increase from the feds to help offset the cost of Medicaid- to receive those resources states had to agree to provide continuous coverage and not terminate Medicaid coverage
  3. This means even if someone should lose MaineCare because of a change in income, they continued to be enrolled in Medicaid
  4. In December 2022 Congress passed a law that separates the continuous coverage provided from the COVID-19 public health emergency and in April 2023 every state has to begin review Medicaid eligibility

Implications for MaineCare members?

  1. In April 2023 states need to start review of every MaineCare member’s eligibility
  2. States have 12 months to initiate the process
  3. May 2024 is the last month for the state’s Office for Family Independence to complete all renewals/terminations
  4. About 1 in 3 Mainers are covered by MaineCare
  5. By the end of the redetermination process an estimated 65,000 to 90,000 members will lose MaineCare
  6. Renewals start April 2023 and for example if a member is typically reviewed in July of 2021, they would be reviewed in July 2023
  7. Current members will lose MaineCare if they do not fill out renewal paperwork or respond to requests for income verification or if they are determined to no longer be eligible because of their income

Preventing coverage loss?

  1. Renewal letter will go out one month prior to scheduled renewal
  2. OFI will mail members a pre-populated renewal form in an envelope with a blue box
  3. OFI will also text and email members with a reminder
  4. Renewals can be submitted online at www.mymaineconnection.gov
  5. On May 11, 2023, MaineCare will stop waiving copays, premiums for CubCare, etc


  1. Loss of MaineCare will create a qualifying event for individuals to apply for coverage through the Marketplace
  2. Applying for MaineCare and being uninsured then denied MainecCare no longer creates a qualifying life event to enroll in a Marketplace plan
  3. With a loss of MaineCare, there’s a 60-day Special Enrollment Period for Marketplace enrollment

Additional information: www.mainecare.gov/unwinding

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