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We have all heard the jokes about Maine weather, and none of us would be without the essentials: our snow shovel and an umbrella. The question is: Do you have the right kind of umbrella?
You are responsible for bodily injury, property damage and personal injury caused to another person by you, your dependents, even your pets. Your home and auto liability have limits to what and how much they will cover in the event that you are sued. A Personal Umbrella Policy not only raises the dollar limit above and beyond your current policies, but also broadens what will be covered.
This is the way it works: Let’s say your homeowners policy has a limit of $250,000. You have a pool and a neighbor’s child is injured while swimming.The neighbor sues you. The case is lost and your neighbor is awarded $400,000.
Your homeowners liability kicks in and pays your limit of $250,000. On top of that the policy pays the attorney fees you racked up to defend you in court. But what about the $150,000 not covered? If you have an umbrella policy, it kicks in where the homeowners left off and pays the balance of the award up to its limit. If you do not have enough coverage on your homeowners policy and if you do not have an umbrella, the remainder of the award comes from you. Your paycheck, your house, your car, your assets!
One of the best aspects of an umbrella policy is that because they do not start to pay until the limits of your home or auto policy have been exhausted, they are very reasonably priced. On average you can purchase a $1 million umbrella for less than $150 a year.That’s a little more than $12 a month.
Only you can make the decision that best suits your needs. Individuals with teenagers, pets, pools, who volunteer in civic groups or who own a business should give careful consideration to the need for additional liability coverage.

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