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There are many travel insurance products on the market. Making sure you pay only for the coverage you need can be a challenge. That’s where an independent insurance agent comes in.
Travel insurance can cover:
• Trip cancellation or disruption as the result of illness or death, a crisis at work, financial default on the part of a at your operator or other unexpected events
• Medical treatment not covered by your existing insurance
• Getting home after a medical emergency, earthquake, tsunami or other environmental event or political upheaval
Generally, there are three types of insurance plans to cover these events. They are:
• Standalone evacuation plans
• Standalone medical insurance plans (including evacuation)
• A more comprehensive plan including trip cancellation and interruption coverage and medical and evacuation coverage
Among the many factors to consider:
• The coverage level your health insurance plan provides, for both emergency and non-emergency care outside the U.S.
• The likelihood you would have to cancel your trip because of an illness (you, your travel companion or close relative)
• The level of non-refundable costs involved with your trip
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