Wednesday, February 22, 2023 (6:04pm) –  Hi Team – Susan here reporting from downtown Camden. Well it looks like it will start snowing in the early morning hours tomorrow and all of our locations are projected to get at least six inches. Out of an abundance of caution all of our branch offices will be closed to customer traffic tomorrow Thursday, February 23.  We ask that anyone who is set up to work remotely to please login and work a normal day. The phones will be on night ring for the day. If you have ability to go to the office and want to go in and work and have access to do so, you may do that, but please keep the door locked as we will not be open to the public. There is absolutely no pressure to venture into the office, I am simply mentioning it as some people have asked if they may do so. We want to ensure everyone is safe and we will reopen the offices on Friday at 8am. If you do not have remote access, you will be paid for the day for your normally scheduled hours. Stay safe and build a snowman in honor our of our first snow day of 2023! Please feel free to email me with any questions.