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Golf carts are being used for transportation beyond the golf course. In addition, Segways, bicycles, scooters, 4-wheelers, Gators and other vehicles are growing in popularity. How well are you protected?
A traditional homeowner’s insurance policy may provide automatic liability protection for your watercraft, depending on its size and horsepower. Liability protection for ATVs, golf carts and other small, motorized vehicles may be limited to when the vehicle is being used on your property. At Allen Insurance and Financial, our licensed insurance professionals will consider all of the elements and advise you how to best protect your family and your assets.
You take care of the fun and safety – and we’ll help manage the risk.
Make sure your policy is in sync with your activities. Call today about separate small vehicle liability insurance – it’s quick and easy to get and you’ll be surprised how easily it can fit into your budget.

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