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Though hackers remain the number one cause for cyber insurance claims, there are a number of big threats out there that can happen at any time.

Fortunately, a cyber liability insurance policy can help protect your company against a big number of breach events.

Cyber liability insurance provides coverage for:

  • Privacy liability: Fills the gaps between state- and federal-specific definitions after a data breach
  • Privacy regulatory claims: Legal defense expenses, fines and penalties assessed by federal, state, and local authorities
  • Security breach response: IT forensics, customer notifications, PR, and credit monitoring services
  • Security liability: Addresses the human element and allegations of a “Security Wrongful Act”
  • Multimedia liability: Defamation, libel, slander, copyright, and more
  • Cyber extortion: Expenses and payments (within limits) to a harmful third party to avert potential damage
  • PCI-DSS assessment: Compliance assessments and expenses involving cardholder information
  • Cyber deception extension: Extensions respond to an intentional or misleading material facts contained or conveyed within an electronic or telephonic communication(s) that are believed to be genuine
  • Business income and digital asset restoration: Provides for lost business and earnings, expenses, and digital-asset restoration costs