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Your standard business needs a variety of liability and property insurance. Depending on your risks, you may have to purchase these policies individually or you may qualify for a BOP. BOPs provide most of this insurance coverage but under one package which makes it more affordable for businesses.

Your coverage under a BOP can include:

  • Property: The building and its contents.
  • Property of others: In case your business provides a service on property like a repair shop.
  • Business interruption: Lost income and employee salaries while you rebuild after a disaster.
  • General liability: For any time that you might be sued.
  • Employee dishonesty coverage: In case an employee steals from you.

Other needs:

  • Mechanical/machinery difficulties.
  • Front store window replacement.
  • Hired and non-owned autos (i.e., you don’t own a company car but employees are still driving for the job).
  • Loss of valuable papers.