Lucas Dunbar, business insurance, L.S. Robinson Co.

Lucas Dunbar, business insurance producer. Lucas joined L.S. Robinson Co. in 2017. 

Even before Lucas joined L.S. Robinson Co. in 2017,  the company had been a pretty significant part of his life.

Lucas says: “To start with, Lawrence Robinson ( the agency’s founder in 1932) was my great uncle. I also had an aunt who worked in the office for more than 50 years. My sisters and I were very close with her, and I would visit her in the office all the time.

“Every visit ended with her giving me a dollar, and she became the driving force behind my childhood baseball card collection. As I got into junior high school, I would show up every Thursday during football season so Aunt Nance and I could fill out our football picks for the local pool.

“One of the partners at the office at the time Bill Skiff also liked to take part in comparing our weekly picks. I became a big fan of his. A handful of years later, I worked as a summer camp counselor at Harbor House with Bill’s daughter Sarah.

“Years later, Sarah and I got married. We now have four daughters and just celebrated our 17th anniversary. So, when I saw a few years ago that the L.S. Robinson Co. was hiring, I had to look into it, and I have never regretted it once.

“Living on MDI means being a part of community that cares for and supports each other. I remember feeling this for the first time when I was in high school. I was on the basketball team and the way the whole island supported us was a really powerful feeling.

“That year when we were headed to Bangor for the tournament someone put a sign up that said “Last one off the island turn the lights off,” and it was pretty close to accurate. The Bangor Auditorium that year was a sea of green.

“When we won the Eastern Maine championship, it felt like the whole island was waiting for us at the head of the island, with the police cars and fire trucks, to follow us back to the high school. And when we lost in the state championship, they were all there again to support us in defeat. That support continues on to today.

“As an adult, I have realized that this goes well beyond supporting our local sports teams. When any island resident or organization accomplishes something, it is celebrated in a way that makes us all feel a part of it. And if someone is in need, the island comes together to do whatever they can to support them, and get them through there tough time.

“Working in commercial insurance has brought a new perspective to this sense of community. I get to work directly with all the great businesses on our island, to help them be as successful as possible. Whether it is making sure they have the proper coverages in place, or making sure I am finding them the best price I can for their premium, I strive to do the best I can for them. I really enjoy what I do for a living, and I know a big part of it is being lucky enough to be a part of this community.”

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