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If you’re turning 65 in 2015, watch your mailbox close to your birthday. Chances are it will start filling with information from Medicare insurance providers. There can be a lot of information to wade through and some of it can be confusing.
We’re here to help. As an independent insurance agency, Allen Insurance and Financial represents many of the popular Medicare companies, including: AARP/United Healthcare, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Humana and Martin’s Point.
A Medicare plan should be as unique as the person it’s purchased for. And a Medicare plan should be purchased from an insurance agent who is familiar with what the market has to offer — someone who can find the right plan for your needs at a cost that fits your budget. At Allen Insurance and Financial, our services in helping you review your options and enroll in a plan don’t cost you anything.
In advance of meeting with your insurance agent, you should:

  • Enroll into Medicare Part A & B through your local Social Security Administration Office.  A list of those offices is available here.
  • Be ready to explain your current coverage, such as an individual or group health plan, retirement health plan, VA coverage, or any other coverage that may be in force.
  • Be prepared to discuss your current health and how you are using your health coverage. Along with your current options and coverage, this information is important because it will help us ensure you are enrolling in the correct plan.  What is best for a friend or relative may not be the best for you.
  • The area that will need the most attention will be your prescription coverage. Someone should be analyzing your prescription coverage and you should have your prescriptions reviewed annually during the Medicare open enrollment period. We offer this service upon your initial enrollment into Medicare, as well as future Medicare open enrollments.

If you have any questions, please contact Anna Moorman in our office on Chestnut Street in Camden. 

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